How To Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password Solution 2024


How To Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password? Don’t fret; we shall attend to it! This blog post will tell you how to get into your Samsung device if you’ve forgotten the password in great detail.

Solutions to Unlock SAMSUNG Phone Once You Forgot Password

What do you do when you have forgotten the password? How To Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password? Also, Find My Deal can help you to get into the gadget if you forget the password of your Samsung gadget. But, take note that the Android Device Manager must be enabled in your Samsung phone before you can perform this method. If you happen to forget the password for your Samsung computer, you can follow these steps below to retrieve it.

  • On your Mac or PC, open Google Find My Device > Sign in using the same Google account that you were using on the locked phone.
  • Select the device you want to unlock from the Android Device Manager screen > Click on the Lock button > Enter a temporary password (rescue message is optional) > Click the Lock button again.
  • You will see a confirmation box with three choices if the process went well: Lock, Ring, and Erase When prompted for a password on your Samsung phone, enter the temporary password you have just created.
  • To disable the temporary password you set previously, you have to navigate to the lock screen settings of your Samsung phone.
How To Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password
How To Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password

Using Samsung’s Find My Device How To Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password?

The use of the Samsung Find My Device tool is one of the simplest options for unlocking your phone in case you forgot the password. To make use of this feature, proceed to your Samsung account settings, select the device you want to unlock and distantly unlock it. It is simple and fast, and it will restore your access to your phone with no data lost.

Unlocking Samsung Phone with Droid Kit

The lost password of your Samsung phone can be bypassed using the Droid Kit in a related way. If Droid Kit is downloaded to your PC and you select the “screen unlocker” choice, you will easily follow the instructions on the screen to enter into your phone. In this way, it is a sure thing, and there is no risk of losing the data when you access your device again.

Removing Screen Lock Automatically

You can instantly bypass the screen lock on your Samsung phone, thus setting it up just as if you never lost your password. Simply connect your phone to the computer with a cable and the on-screen instructions will take you through the whole process without any issues. The device will restart, and you will have to log in and activate the Find My Device feature.

Using ‘Erase Data’ Option

If you have locked yourself out of Samsung mobile phone due to forgetting the password, the “Erase Data” option might be helpful. To release your device, select the option in the device settings and initiate the delete process. This method will return your phone to you and, at the same time, keep your data and privacy safe.

Samsung Phone Forgot Password Unlock? Below is the software that you can readily and freely download to unlock your mobile device.

Unlock Samsung Phone
How To Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password
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Conclusion: How To Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password?

To sum up, how to unlock Samsung phone forgot password when you forget it, provided that you have the appropriate tools and approaches. Whether you use Droid Kit, Samsung’s “Find My Device” utility, or “Erase Data,” there are safe methods to unlock the device without losing your information. To get more tech tips and tutorials, follow our channel. It will give you information and power.


1. What is the Android Device Manager?

With the help of the security app Android Device Manager, you will be able to see the state of your system, manage apps from a distance, set automatic security updates, and perform other management tasks with Android devices. To protect your data, you can use it to locate, lock, or erase a missing handset.

2. How do you enable Android Device Manager on your phone?

You can follow these steps to turn on Android Device Manager.
Step 1: Go to Settings > Locations on your Android device. Allow access to your location.
Step 2: Next, go to Settings > Google > Security > Remotely find this device. Make sure “Allow remote lock and erase” is checked as well.
Click “Device administrators” and then check “Android Device Manager” in the security settings.
In this case, the Android Device Manager has been successfully turned on.

3. What to Do If You Can’t Unlock Your Android Device?

If can’t unlock your Android phone, you can use ADM to wipe it, then set it later if the reason you can’t unlock is permanent. If you had activated Android Device Manager prior to locking your phone, that is. If not, Droidkit can remove the screen lock from your device and allow you to access it.

4. How do I deactivate the device lock controller on the Neon Ray Pro? [Bonus]

Here are the steps you need to take to turn off the device lock controller on the Neon Ray Pro.
Step 1: Go to Settings and find the Lock Screen setting.
Step 2: To turn off the device lock remote right away, flip the switch off.
Step 3: Your Neon Ray Pro’s Device Lock Controller will then be turned off. If you want to use it again, just go to Settings and turn it on.

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